This is NOT a downloable file but directions on how to paint/color quilts.  For a medium, I use Golden's Silk Screen Fabric Gel and mix with whatever dry pigment you prefer.  Tsukineko inks work well as a color with this medium too.  The Medium, dry pigments and/or Tsukineko inks can be purchased on Amazon.  I used Jacquard Pearl Ex Dry Pigments, LuminArte Dry Pigmentsand Tsukineko Inks.

Mix a small portion of gel medium and a tiny dip of pigment and/or ink and stir well.  Use fabric angle brushes because of the angled tip.  I usually stitch out my basic design on a fabric sandwich on my machine and the proceed to paint. You can also draw your design on fabric, paint and then stitch around it.

You mix your own colors so if you need a lot of ond color, make sure you mix enough because trying to duplicate the exact color might be hard.  This mixture is water soluable and when dry will retain the soft hand of the fabric.  You will need to heat set with an iron or a hair dryer to make it permanent.  

If you wish an iridescent texture, add an Iridescent Medium.  However, this medium contains mica flakes which will make the finished product a bit stiffer but the finished product is marvelous!!

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How to Color / Paint Quilts using Dry Pigments or Inks

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